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It's a question often asked when a man mistreats a woman: What does she see in him?

Aside from a man’s resources, his genetic gifts are decisive in the selection process.

After all, in our ancestors' unpredictable environment, a hardy constitution went a long way in fulfilling evolution's ultimate aims: survival and reproduction.

Research has established that, generally speaking, women must choose between between two types of men: dads and cads.

On the one hand, dads are typically more commitment-oriented, warm, faithful, and reliable.

Yet they are usually less handsome, charismatic, and dominant than his caddish counterparts.

On the other hand, cads are sexier, with their narrow eyes and strong jaws — but they also tend to be flashy and exploitatative of others.Even worse, these masculine men often embody the Dark Triad, a personality constellation that encompasses Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and narcissism.So, what in the world is appealing about these objectionable individuals?Quite simply, they possess high-quality genes that they will pass down to their future children.In turn, the thinking goes, women will maximize their reproductive success by choosing a macho man as a short-term mate for his genes, and a less masculine man with a warmer personality for a long-term, invested partner.However, ovulation can make the choice between dads and cads particularly challenging.Research has revealed that during ovulation, women show a weakness for masculine men with high-quality genes.Studies consistently show that fertile women prefer men who display macho facial features and social dominance. Building on these findings, Gilda Biebel of the University of Konstanz and her colleagues reasoned that evolution may have also favored men who went to war.Consequently, they wondered if aggression might also be a signal of genetic fitness. The first is “reactive–impulsive,” which are responses to external threats.The second is “appetitive-aggressive,” which is internally motivated.It is derived from the intrinsic pleasure that is associated with violence, hunting, and combat.

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