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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have only been a thing for a few hours, but the Internet has already taken aim at Tay Tom.

) NEWS: Calvin Harris Unfollows Taylor Swift on Social Media as They Both Delete Photos of Each Other Some were happy, some were sad, but most were confused, and as we all know, first impressions are everything.

They are developmentally stunted, individually and as a family, by their use of money as a stop-gap for deeper issues.

Levy, a Toronto Second City alum best known for his role as an out-of-touch dad in the American Pie movies and the mockumentaries he co-wrote with Christopher Guest, talked to TIME about the family business, the show’s arc over the next season and how his proximity to a warm apple pie changed his life.

TIME: How did you react when your kids told you they wanted to go into show business?

Eugene Levy: When my wife Deb got pregnant, we thought, Do we want to stay in Los Angeles and raise our kids here in the show-business environment or go back to Canada where it’s sane and civilized and every option will be open in front of them? And the big irony: they all went into show business.

The tough thing for a parent when your kids are going into the business is to look at them and say, “Do they have what it takes? When Dan came to you with the idea for the show, were you nervous about whether he going to be able to hold his own in the big leagues?

It’s the first time he had ever come to me for anything to do with the business, because he really had been trying to make his own mark.

For eight years on MTV in Canada, he made no reference to me being his father. Early into the process, it was hitting me that he’s a very good writer, much more advanced in terms of story writing than I thought.

We put a pilot together and next thing you know, we’re going into our third season. Is that any less fun to play than getting to be really wacky? It’s actually more fun, and that was what I set out to do.

I looked at all the great shows from Seinfeld to Mary Tyler Moore, Jack Benny in the ‘50s.

You surround yourself with funny people and you get to be very reactive, which is what I love doing.

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