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Have you ever been in a relationship and known that something just didn’t feel right?

To have meaningful relationships we need to have a method of determining who is worth letting our guard down for.

For the Christian, this means setting our standards high and allowing God to take care of the rest. The following three points are keys to a great biblical relationship.

I believe this first qualifier is extremely important.

The apostle Paul makes it clear that good and bad, light and darkness, Jesus and Satan simply don’t mix.

If we are in a relationship with someone who views the world through a different set of lenses we will be setting ourselves up for constant disagreement.

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For the Christian, this usually plays out when life is getting hard.The Christian will turn to Jesus for rest and the non-believer won’t.Usually, this means that both parties are moving in significantly different directions.We need to be unified in our thinking in an area of life such as devotion to Jesus because what we think about Jesus will determine how we live our life.The last thing that a Christian needs is to allow themselves to get close to someone who will then turn around and lead them further away from Jesus.While our world has taken many different stances on sexuality, the model that is presented in Scripture is that sex is reserved for marriage between one man and one woman.While some would say that Christians wait until marriage because they don’t want to enjoy life I believe that we are called to wait until marriage so that we have this intimate connection with only one person! The Bible speaks very highly of sex but only in the correct context.As a believer, we are called to meditate on the Word of God and we are called to save ourselves sexually for our spouse.The world that we live in is full of broken relationships and as a Christian, we should expect something greater.Jesus didn’t say that he came to give us mediocre life, but rather; life to the full!That means if we follow Jesus and submit to His way of doing things we will also have relationships to the full! As a Christian, our relationships will never be perfect but they should be better than what the world has presented to us. About the Author Dylan is an over-caffeinated introvert from Charleston, WV.

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