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For people that love to talk and make friends with Lebanese girls, Arab men, Persian women, Syrian, Shia, Sunni, Christian, Druze, Isma'ilite, Alawite, Nusayri and all other people from Lebanon. For the other Lebanon Chat Rooms see our Lebanon Chat Directory below.

And in order to assure Google will rank me high in search result I will make sure to repeat the search term again… Oh by the way, none of these girls is Lebanese, they’re actually all from Europe and working for modelling agencies here in Lebanon.

But who cares anyway, everybody believe they’re sexy lebanese girls! S: I will be updating you on the result of this experiment.

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Prostitution is legal here so finding girls for sex in Beirut, Lebanon might be easier than you imagine.

However they seem to be trying to slowly get away from having legal prostitution and have not been granting licenses to new brothels recently.

That means a lot of mongering is now done illegally since new girls can not get licensed.

There are always new girls for sex available, and whether they get a license or not they are going to sell their body.

Most of the prostitutes in Lebanon working in the brothels come from Eastern Europe like Romania, Kiev and Russia.

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