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" Then they themselves are unwilling to see the true beauty in others. Is it because they are often viewed as being more relational than men? which for a guy is more often than not stressful because we are impatient to some extent.

bottom line there is a guy for every girl, both can be shy or outgoing which usually sparks common ground to break the ice, then there are some that just don't believe it's neccessary to date if they already enjoy their lives and company already as is.

Like the website infers "there are plenty of fish in the sea."I dont mind socialites, but actually prefer a girl who can, and does, make time for herself, and doesnt need to be in the thick of things all the time.

I've found that of the women I've met, those that had to be around a crowd all the time were trying to compensate for being, let's say, "cast out" when theyw ere younger...

or are simply one of those who are afraid they'll miss something if the skip the party. Some don't like the hustle and bustle of urban areas. For a woman to be a loner, we're talking about a social outcast, or a a person who is anti-social.

Nothing wrong with being a loner, unless you simply lack social skills that keep you from mingling with society, then perhaps it's time to focus on that before trying to meet someone special. Women like to be liked, they like to be popular, they like to be well-thought of. Sorry, I can't go out on the town with someone who is anti-social. Each of us has unique characteristics that won't be understood by the majority of people.

I can't go ANYWHERE in public with someone who is anti-social, because that person is fighting against being a part of the experience of going out!! If a chick wants to be alone, fine, I will leave her that way - ALONE. If you are considering meeting a girl and she tells you she's more of a loner, is that a red flag? Do you prefer girls who are more outgoing and friendly with other people? Yet, they tend to make us special and even attractive to those few individuals that appreciate them.

TIt seems ok for guys to be loners, but not girls since we're "supposed" to be more social. Aloofness may not be endearing to everyone, but I can imagine there are many that would be perfectly content to go camping in a secluded spot for the weekend and fish or throw stones into the stream while a partner read a book. I'm not sure what difference it makes, though, whether it is a turnoff. It can be terribly difficult to reinvent ourselves. If it is a turnoff, then so be it, because I really don't see the need for cosmetic surgery to attempt to get rid of it.

Patience with ourselves, our bodies and each other is a required part of life.

I remember a decade ago when there was a picture of a Michelle Pfeiffer that was used for an advertisement that was used for an add with the headline of perfection or something. A loner is not a red flag for me (and I wasn’t aware of the gender issue here).

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