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Dating antique furniture hinges

The hardware on old furniture -- drawer pulls, handles, hinges, locks, protective corners, and decorative bands and escutcheons -- often shows signs of long, hard use.Sometimes hardware is missing; sometimes it's loose, broken, or bent.Loose hardware can be repaired; missing or damaged pieces should be replaced.

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Hardware stores, home centers, and similar stores offer a fair selection of furniture hardware; specialty hardware outlets and craft suppliers are usually better sources. Let's get started by reviewing how to handle a common hardware problem -- loose drawer pulls and handles.

To tighten a loosely attached drawer pull, remove the pull and replace the screw with a longer one.

If the screw is part of the pull, you'll have to make the hole in the wood smaller.

When the hole is only slightly enlarged, you can tighten the pull by using a hollow fiber plug with the screw.

For metal pulls, fit a piece of solid-core solder into the hole and then replace the screw.

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