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Dating game show china

is the most successful TV dating show among many other asian dating programs aired in China now.

In the show, you can see confrontation, suspense and shocking opinion from the participants.Candidates sometimes fall out, material girl honestly declare their material requirement for husband, remark on candidate’s appearance etc.While the old dating TV program is slow-tempo and more “mutual choice”, the new style shows is fast and like an arena.If the man candidate has no light on for him in the final round, he loses the chance to choose any women on stage.For another, related scandals are reported constantly. However her sexy nude photos circulating online tell another story.Allegation of fake candidates, nude photo of participant circulating online, “the BMW chic” Ma Nuo and the latest scandal that a guy who was once a candidate on If You Are the One decided to file a law suit against a girl from the show, asking that she should return the BMW he bought for her after she broke off the wedding engagement. Yan’s circulating sexy photos is hard to believe given her performance on the dating show E Jiahao (right) accused Sun Yali (left) of breaking off an engagement and asking back the BMW he bought for her While these shows do help people find their partners, they also has more or less become a platform for some young people to get the 15 minutes of fame. In one episode where Ma Nuo attend, the candidate asked romantically, “Would you often come riding with me on my bike?” Ma Nuo rejected him, “I would rather cry in a BMW.” Ma Nuo is not the only material girl appeared on the show.The popularity she gained from this show is enormous, whether she wants it or not.After the show, she was invited to be a guest host in some program and attend various TV programs.“I'd rather be sitting inside a BMW and crying than sitting on a bicycle and smiling,” says Beijing girl Ma Nuo on the stage of China's most popular reality dating TV show, Fecheng Wurao (非诚勿扰, “If You Are the One”).Since it first aired across China, Feicheng Wurao, which is produced by Jiangsu Satellite TV, one of China's regional commercial TV stations, has become one of the most popular shows in China.

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