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Dating my epiphone sheraton

Epiphone was a family business that was created in 1873.

Now, however, Epiphone is a subsidiary company of the world famous guitar company, Gibson.

Epiphone provides an affordable alternative to the relatively higher priced Gibson guitars.

It can be difficult to date a guitar, but there are some steps you can take to determine a range of dates during which a guitar was created. This can be located in several areas, including the back of the headstock and inside the hole of an acoustic guitar. This is an organization dedicated to dating guitars.

Enter the serial number in the serial number text box.

Enter the model of the guitar in the box below the serial number box.

Although this step is optional, it can be very helpful in dating your guitar. " if your guitar says "Made in the USA" on the label. Also, select where the serial number was located from the list.

Click the "Submit" button next to the serial number text box.

Your guitar's model and year will appear on the screen. in technical communication and teaches courses in writing and editing at the university level.Art Corvelay is a freelance writer for demand studios who has been writing and editing for five years. We look forward to your feedback, we can open a cooperation!Fill out the form below with some info about your Need and We will get back to you as soon as I can. Those Epiphone models where made by Gibson and the Sheraton E212T was their most elaborate and fancy semi-hollow body guitar, even more expensive than Gibson´s ES-355 counterpart. hardshell case Nice and clean 1967 Epiphone Sheraton E212T - Cherry finish, in excellent and all original condition.Therefore the Sheraton was made in small quantities, according to the shipping-totals only 53 Sheraton models where made in this configuartion.The original cherry finish is still vibrant red and dosn´t show any fading and barely any visible play-wear.The original electronic has untouched solderjoints, all 4 pots are stamped 1 dating them to 29th week of 1966, the two original "Patent Number" - mini-humbuckers have strong outputs of N=7,22K and B=7,67K and sound great.The medium size c-shape neck is very comfortable to play, the frets are in great shape, low action - buzz-free!Comes in its original grey Epiphone hardshell case with blue interior.

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