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It’s been a LONG while and I am pretty sure most of you have moved on or wondered what the hell happened. Well alas for those of us that hang in the virtual world we have this thing called the dreaded RL that sometimes sucks us in and won’t let go for awhile.. I myself had just gotten back not to long ago and let me tell you before I left… All in all I can say it was quite the learning experience.For now, I have seemed to tame that beast which is great because writing has always been a great stress reliever for me. I TRIED IT ladies and gentlemen and I mean TRIED IT. Turns out that sometimes as much as you want something to last or happen or just once me the truth it’s just not the time or person.

(although I’m quite confused on how you didn’t know that before all that L was spent on a wedding I could have spent on shoes… Every lesson learned is not always a great one, an easy one, a painless one.

and hair..) I can also respect the fact that sometimes feelings sway and go away or sometimes once it comes down to it, one realizes that you just don’t feel the same. However what I can’t respect is someone telling you how much they love you and then 2 weeks after said wedding breaking up and 2 weeks after that being with someone new. However it is still a lesson, and we learn from it and grow from it.

Perhaps it was just what I needed to break a couple of ties and take a break.

One will never know but I don’t regret my choices or actions at all.

Took me a little while to learn that and accept it.

This blog is about dating on SL sure, but as we all know most times you don’t just jump right in and start dating someone.We watch from the shadows, we talk to people who know them.We know their mamma and daddy and sister twice removed.We hang out at the same clubs and “bump” into them.We RP in the same sim and eventually run into them.Some of us just flat out walk up and let em know whats good.Even with all of that we all still have to start somewhere.. they could have been your best friend that you realized you loved….you could have had the type of friendship where that never crossed your mind because you were just that close.It could have been someone you say as a brother or sister and in one fateful moment it all changed.One really can’t explain what happened but it did and either it all worked out or you can’t stand each other. lost of friends, drama, that you didn’t even know existed until you found a picture of yourself on Facebook. I’m not talking I’m gonna go on a stripper binge and shove linden down someones pants..or go sleep with a woman or man because the opposite sex is so horrible type stress.

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