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We’re not just talking about how the Fox cop comedy wrapped up this final stretch of episodes on a roll, thanks in part to Holt (Andre Braugher) hilariously matching wits with his seeming twin/monotone FBI agent Bob Anderson (Dennis Haysbert).

Tuesday’s season 3 finale, “Greg and Larry,” left viewers with a huge, possibility-charged cliffhanger that featured a change of location that is, to quote Jake, precinct were successful in taking down the criminal enterprise run by mafia mastemind Jimmy the Butcher Figgis — which included Bob Anderson (sorry, Annderson) — Figgis himself was nowhere to be found. So many questions to get answered before the early bird special.

That is, until Jake received a call from him, in which he ominously threatened to kill both Holt and Jake. After showing strangers some pictures of our grandchildren, we called executive producer Dan Goor on an outdated, oversized cordless phone to break down “Greg and Larry” and see what the future holds.

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It seemed like a fun way to re-explore their power dynamic also, because now Holt won’t necessarily outrank Jake in this situation. We haven’t really started working on the season yet, but our intention is for the fact that they’re in witness protection to really influence their personal relationships with their loved ones and spouses and friends and the squad, and for that to be a real source of comedy.It just felt juicy, and the only real debate we had was we liked the shot, but the other version was we just say that they’re going to Florida. By the way, I feel like Holt still outranks Jake, and will tell Jake he’s Witness Number One. There’s a really funny thing when we were scouting the locations and if you look in the last shot, Holt’s lawn is incredibly well-manicured, and Jake’s lawn is a piece of crap. That was quite a long run of serialized episodes for the show, dating back to the arrival of Pimento in episode 17, and it’s been really successful.And I wish I could say that we art-designed it, but it was really just those were the two houses and then we happened to notice that, and we switched the houses since that was the case, but it was like kind of perfect. Jake and Amy (Melissa Fumero) talk about moving in together at the end of episode, so we ask: Is Amy with Jake? I’m wondering, though, if you guys were worried that it was a lot for the audiences who were used to more stand-alone episodes in a cop comedy? It is something we discussed a lot and we talked about it with Fox beforehand, and Fox was very supportive.Our governing principle was: Every episode should be stand-alone enough that you don’t need a “Previously on,” so that might mean that there’s a little bit of exposition in the first few scenes, but you should be able to enjoy [it on its own].We tried to break stories like breaking into the FBI, which we could have just done as a stand-alone episode, or like escaping from a hospital, a kind of episode as a stand-alone episode, because we know that there are people who check in and out of the show, and then there are a lot of people who watch it online and binge.And for those people, I think it’s actually very rewarding when you do it in a serialized way.With the way this season leaves off, the question obviously lingers: How far into next season will the serialized story continue?And does this experiment make you more open to doing more of them in the future? With 23 episodes, it’s very hard to do all stand-alone, and it’s very hard to do all serialized, so in our ideal world, it would be a combination of a few serialized episodes to figure out what’s happening in Florida and then maybe some stand-alone episodes….Or do you still consider stand-alone episodes as the bread and butter of the show? We like — and people like — watching all of the Nine-Nine together in the precinct and working together and all the combinations that affords, but also we don’t want to short shrift the work we did at the end of the year.So we’ll keep them in this situation for as long as we think it’s fun, and then we’ll figure out a way to make it the Nine-Nine we all know and love.The only thing I want to make sure of is: I really like the balance that the show strikes — doing police action episodes, romance episodes, office episodes — and I don’t want to do anything that too dramatically disrupts it.

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