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Father beats daughter for dating black man

To help his 9-year-old daughter gain some practical work experience during her summer break, Mr.

Tian had printed an explanation on an A4-sized piece of paper: “I am an elementary school student, learning about society, challenging myself, [hoping to have a] happy summer vacation, and I hope city management uncles can be supportive. ” On the afternoon of July 26, a spokesperson from the Xicheng City Management Team Shichahai Squad stated that it was staff from the Shichahai Integrated Management Office that were involved in the conflict with Mr.

Tian, and that law enforcement personnel were also injured in the conflict.

The entire video is accompanied by Little Ying’s [Tian’s daughter] crying and screaming: “Stop beating my daddy”, “I’m begging you”, “We’re sorry”, “You can go ahead and take the stuff”, and “Help!

” At ~, the video pauses to point out a man who appears to be wearing a city management uniform standing 2-3 meters away who did not go forward and put a stop to the beating.

Comments from Youku: 荷莉_ Many people only saw the outcome, but has anyone thought about how the incident started?

Just a case of street vending/peddling, was a group beating necessary?Having one’s daughter peddle wares on the street as a learning experience, we can see there’s a problem with this father’s educational level and thinking.And given that the uploader of the video is also standing on the side of the street vendor, clearly criticizing the city management personnel (the were indeed in the wrong), as well as making it seem as if street peddling for practical life experience is legal for children (can only say it can be empathized with), but city management managing street peddling and vendors is their duty, so before it became physical, there must’ve been major problems with both sides’ attitudes.There’s no need to say what the attitude of is like, it’s the same throughout the country, [though] the city management where I am are quite nice, always notifying in advance what/where you can’t sell or display, but if on the day they come and check you still violate the rules, then everything regardless of what it is will be confiscated and you’ll be fined.For this little girl to have experienced this incredible display of a prospering, peaceful, harmonious, civilized Heavenly Kingdom as led by the Party, I wonder how she will turn out in the future.I have to say something, I’ve peddled on the street near my home before. Usually when city management come, they ask us to leave. After a couple times of vending on the street, we come to recognize each others’ faces.So the always just tell those of us street peddling to leave, and conflicts/fights or whatever never really happened before, it’s just that the language they use might be unpleasant.But we ourselves know that peddling on the street affects traffic (I was on the wet market street near my neighborhood/residential community), and I often drive too, so I very much understand why have to disperse the street peddlers who are doing business on the street.In the face of these contradictions/conflicts, I only want to say, when encountering trouble, everyone should resolve them calmly and peacefully.They [] are doing their jobs, and if we are violating the law, we should listen to them. If it isn’t something big, don’t curse them or get into a fight, otherwise anything can turn into a [major] conflict~ uncles by the child about it being a learning experience grips the heart even more!This time, the city management weren’t beating up migrant workers, but intellectuals, which goes to show just what level their arrogance and tyranny has reached!

Comments Father beats daughter for dating black man