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Nigel Farage turned out to support the Boxing Day Hunt near his Kent home on Monday.

Hunters currently claim to abide by the law by having hounds follow a scent rather than a fox.

Some hunts have gone a step further, seeking to dodge the ban by buying birds of prey.

They claim to use dogs to flush out the fox, and the bird to kill the animal, which is not technically against the law.

According to campaigners, other enthusiasts simply break the law on a regular basis, but they are rarely punished.

Nigel Farage supporting Old Surrey Burstow Hunt this morn RIOj8ef9r, that's the hunt who killed this fox 3/12/16 #keeptheban BC94 — Nuala Bugeye (@Nuala Bugeye) December 26, 2016Mr Farage has said in the past he wants to scrap the ban, leading people who oppose fox hunting to label him completely out of touch.

Eduardo Gonçalves, the chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, which commissioned the recent poll, said families that went out to watch the “glorious pageant” of a hunt on Boxing Day did not necessarily support lifting the ban on pursuing and killing foxes with dogs.

“The polling and projections highlight just how out of touch any move to repeal the hunting ban would be.

Generally only dictators would dream of pushing through a policy against that level of public opposition so we hope our government will respect the will of the people,” he said.

“The Boxing Day hunts are portrayed as a glorious pageant taking place in front of a huge number of people who support them, but the truth is very different.

The fact is 84 per cent of the public do not want fox hunting made legal.

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