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Square Cash ( is a cash transfer service launched by Square in October 2013.Like Venmo, Square Cash allows individuals to directly send cash amounts or bitcoin to each other within a dedicated mobile application using a linked debit card or via email.

An email will be sent to the recipient’s email address immediately, notifying them of the payment, and the transaction will process within two days.

All personal transfers through Square Cash are processed for free.

Alternatively, when filling out an email, write the recipient’s email address in the “To” field, write “[email protected]” in the “CC” field, and write the dollar amount being sent in the “Subject” field.

Any additional notes concerning the transaction can be included in the body of the email.

Square will then send an email asking you for your debit card number.

Providing your debit card number completes the account setup process.Square Cash’s solution for businesses requires merchants to set up a dedicated “cashtag,” which is basically a landing page where customers can enter their card details and pay the business directly.Cashtags are intended to be easily shared payment methods that would work best for the personal services industry, non-profits, and short-term fundraisers.Each payment accepted via a Square cashtag costs 2.75% of the payment amount to process.Key Points Square Cash is a subsidiary service of Square and is marketed as a free service primarily for personal users.The product’s pricing model and sales approach makes it highly unlikely that Square can mislead users about its costs, and there are no complaints to be found that allege deceptive sales practices.A large number of users’ funds have been unexpectedly held, but Square’s terms of use (visible on the company’s website here) clearly outline Square’s policies regarding fund holds.It is therefore difficult to accuse the company of intentionally deceiving users in order to hold their funds.While it is clear that Square could do a better job of explaining its fund holding policies, the company does not appear to engage in intentional misrepresentation or nondisclosure.Square Cash is incredibly easy to use and costs absolutely nothing for personal users.Anyone with an email address and debit card can sign up for it and begin sending money to friends quickly.

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