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Inspired from the 12 memories for those that grew up in the 2000s thread and talking about social media in the past; I went back through my Facebook and realised I joined in early 2006 when there were ~6mil users.. ) In a time when new social media sites were coming and going so fast (Myspace, Bebo, Friends Reuninted) did you ever think you'd still be using it almost a decade on?For Robert Shafran, 19, the welcome was bewildering as he enrolled last month as a freshman at Sullivan County Community College in upstate New York.

“Even now it takes a few minutes to know which one is on the telephone,” says David’s still-astonished father, Richard.His adoptive mother, Claire, jokes that there was a plus in raising the boys apart: “One was hard enough to handle.” Indeed, together they have proved the undoing of such experienced interviewers as Today’s Tom Brokaw, answering questions in unison and triple-teaming interlocutors with the sort of who’s-who sight gags that look-alike siblings usually wear out by adolescence.Having become triplets overnight, they also became celebrities.Public appearances were orchestrated for them by attorney Jack Solomon.Acting as their agent, Solomon has tried to keep interviews circumscribed and upbeat, but in no time the press reported that Shafran was convicted of manslaughter earlier this year for his part in a robbery in which an 83-year-old woman was beaten to death with a crowbar.(He pleaded guilty, testified against his accomplice and, since in the words of the judge his role was “minimal,” was sentenced to working weekends at a crippled children’s home for five years.) Shafran enrolled at Sullivan because he wanted to start a new life.His musings on what it is like suddenly to be a triplet have an ambivalent ring.“All my life I have felt special and individual,” he told one reporter.“Now I’ve met two people just like me.” The case raises many questions.The adoption agency refuses to comment on why the babies were separated; none of their adoptive parents were told their son was a triplet.The boys’ case is significant in what it could reveal about the role of environment vs. As triplets separated at birth, the boys could be a mine of information to psychologists like Dr.

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