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Sara Sidle started as a recurring character before turning into a series regular for the final five seasons.

Jorja Fox portrayed the forensic scientist and became so integral to the show that she headlined the series’ movie finale alongside Ted Danson. However, she has spent less time on TV recently and more time in activism.

Billed as “a stripper-turned-investigator who is also a single mom,” Catherine Willows proved to be an intriguing foil for Petersen’s Gil Grissom.

And Marg Helgenberger put her heart and soul into the rags-to-riches role, inspiring women from tough backgrounds to aspire for a better life.

In fact, the character is actually based on real-life forensics officer Yolanda Mc Clary.

Previously known for her role on star William Petersen.

For the first eight seasons, Petersen appeared in every single episode, before departing from the main cast. Russell, fans will always hold Petersen’s Gil Grissom, the first supervisor of the CSI team, closest to their hearts.

Despite being followed by high profile successors such as Laurence Fishburne’s Dr. as an MDPD Lieutenant by the name of Horatio Caine.

Since the inception of the character in 2002, Caine has been praised by critics and also developed a cult following during his time on TV.

Even personalities such as David Letterman and Jim Carrey have displayed their admiration for Caruso’s portrayal.

Caine was the focal point and mainstay of the show for the entirety of its run.

After nearly 250 episodes as Horatio Caine, Caruso has developed a pretty low profile.

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