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Golfshot handicap not updating

The line of Callaway GPS devices and laser rangefinders continues to grow with the addition of the Callway u Pro Go.

The absence of any per course or yearly subscription fees allows the Callaway u Pro Go to compete against the entrenched devices in price.

It’s a device well suited for those who are familiar with the courses they play and don’t need a view of the entire hole, and who don’t need a scorecard or statistics tracking.

The Good: The u Pro Go comes pre-loaded with courses, so you can take it straight to the course and get down to business.

We recommend registering the device first, if for no other reason than to get rid of the nagging registration reminders.

Registration also enables you to download the latest course updates and purchase Go Mode, which allows users to determine distances to any point on the green via a graphic image, if desired.

The Bad: We can’t say the process is always painless – on occasion taking several attempts to sync, though syncing is not required on a frequent basis.If the computer doesn’t “find” the u Pro Go to let you launch the Sync application, Mac users are out of luck as there isn’t a downloadable application (as there is for Windows) to assist in a pinch.After syncing and updating your course list, be sure to confirm that the application has quit before unplugging the u Pro Go, as the device is essentially a drive that needs to be “ejected.” Details: Critical Golf Test: The Callaway u Pro Go is one of the top devices in our test of the availability of golf courses, with 97% coverage.Coverage both by type of course and geography were evenly dispersed.Manufacturer’s Claims: Callaway claims to have 25,000 courses in its database, which puts in the middle of the pack against the competition.The Good: The Callaway u Pro Go has a reasonably intuitive interface, with introductory videos pre-loaded.The screen is bright and clear, and the text and green graphics are easy to view. The Bad: The navigational joystick requires relatively deliberate pushing/pulling to scroll through menus, otherwise the user may press the joystick (which functions as a button) inadvertently.The u Pro Go relies on a dedicated side button to access the more detailed Go Mode green view.Rechargeable battery life is shorter than some of the competition, but in our tests we were able to get in two rounds before recharging was necessary.Lastly, we experienced an inability to lock onto satellites on a number of different occasions.When this occurred it was always fixed by restarting the device (though would sometimes take several restarts).

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