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Google not updating my site

If you know even a little about SEO, you know how important your page's title tag is.

Not only is it one of the top on-page ranking factors, but it's also the first introduction that searchers have to your website.

Get it right, and you'll see throngs of new customers on your site.

Then these elements are automatically added to your HTML and ready for the search engines to read.If you've properly filled in your title tag and meta description, then you're essentially providing the search engines with a recommendation of what to display in the search results. Our title tag is "Web Design Minneapolis, MN Web Development – First Scribe." Google got it wrong!Let's take a look: The above represents what Google is currently showing for the First Scribe website when we do a search for "first scribe." Looks good, right? Let's compare Google's version to what Bing shows: Look, Bing got it exactly right!Google, on the other hand, has taken a small liberty here and flipped "First Scribe" to the beginning of the title in the search results.Well, at least Google got the meta description right. The title tag and meta description are merely suggestions for what the search engines should display in the results. Google is showing all the words we want in the order they want.Google and Bing and other search engines are under no obligation to display exactly what you want them to display. As long as our click-throughs are high, we have no reason to be unhappy. It's often the case that Google will change your titles or descriptions completely, leaving you saying, "Hey, I don't want Google to show that! When I search for shoes, this is how DSW appears in the search results: Seems decent, except the title tag for this page is Boots, Booties, Wedges, Pumps & Heels, Loafers, Sandals | DSW.In fact, in many cases, the search engines won't display the title tag and meta description you specified. The answer should be pretty obvious in this case: that's exactly what the searcher is looking for. The title tag contains every synonym for shoes, but it doesn't contain the word "shoes" itself. Google is trying to make the page seem more relevant to my search query.This can be frustrating, but there is a purpose for it. Remember what Google's ultimate goal is: to provide the most relevant search results possible for any given search query. And yet Google has changed the title in the search results. I wasn't searching for boots or booties or wedges or loafers. (What's interesting here is that Google chose to show me Women's shoes, but that's another conversation entirely.) There are many situations where the search engines won't display your title tag or meta description.Here are a few potential scenarios: All hope is not lost here.Your hours of work on those optimized title tags and meta descriptions are not necessarily for naught.In all the cases above except one, there are things you can do to improve the odds that Google will use your page title and meta description.

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