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Gravatar not updating

In order to have an avatar on this forum, we will be transitioning the use of Gravatar over from the Battlelog forums.

Go to manage gravatars instead of edit profile, pick whatever you like that you have saved on your computer Oh, rate it G rated because battlelog won't even accept PG.

It's not a bad idea, the implementation isn't that great IMHO. Now I resetted my Gravatars so that I had the old grey soldier, setted gravatar again and now I am still waiting for the small avatar to pop up -.-.

well I've tried to reupload it many times, and I've failed many times but I finally got it working, I first resetted my gravatar (so that there is nothing set on the email) than I set the avatar I wanted.

Most avatars popped up immediately except the little one.

Based on my observation, Git Hub no longer uses Gravatar for user pics. As far as I can tell, since early 2015, when you create an account you’re assigned an “identicon” to represent you on the site and you only see your Gravatar - if you have one - when you go specifically to your profile page, as the Profile Photo.

arc error while updating - Gravatar not updating

If you then save your profile without changing your Profile Photo (leaving it as your Gravatar) Git Hub appears to make its own copy so changing your Gravatar also doesn’t immediately change your user pic across Git Hub.I have SSO setup with Word Press and have the SSO Avatar override setting set on discourse so that it uses the avatar URL from my Word Press site.However it does not seem to update if the person is using Gravatar and changes their Gravatar image.If I look at the users profile SSO Info on Discourse I see the URL for the Gravatar icon and dropping that URL into my browser brings up the updated Gravatar.I know Discourse caches these so that it does not have to make so many calls to Gravatar.How often does Discourse check for updates on this?Since I have the override with SSO set there is no way to refresh the Gravatar from the profile edit screen.Thanks i also noticed if poeple go from a custom uploaded avatar or the default on my WP site then swtich to Gravatar the discourse forum does not update. Shouldn’t relogging in re-grab the avatar url and update?I think the problem is that when a person changes their gravatar image, it doesn’t change the gravatar URL, so Discourse has no way of knowing that the avatar has changed.If a person wants their updated gravatar image to be used on Discourse, they need to go to their profile and edit their avatar.There is an option there to refresh the gravatar image. This works on a live site, I haven’t been able to get it working in my development environment.

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