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How to manage an intimidating boss

Although barely 30, Claire believes she is showing the first symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, a condition from which her mother has recently died. See full summary » At 43, Luis is a confirmed bachelor, happy with one night stands, a success as a creator of perfumes.He has one problem: his mother and five sisters, who form an intimidating family ...See full summary » Alex and his sister run a business designed to break up relationships.

The only problem is that they only have one week to do so.

Bernand Fréderic is a mediocre bank executive, married, with a son. See full summary » What happens when a man and a woman share a common passion? And this is what happens to Jean-René, the boss of a small chocolate factory, and Angélique, a gifted chocolate maker he has just hired.

He used to have another profession: look-a-like of French star Claude François. See full summary » The thirty-eight year-old ambitious and workaholic editor of the fashion magazine Rebelle Alice Lantins returns from Brazil to Paris and loses her flash memory in the airplane. See full summary » Agathe lives with her husband and son in a posh apartment in front of the Jardin du Luxembourg. What occurs when a highly emotional man meets a highly emotional woman?

They fall in love, and this is what occurs to Jean-René and Angélique who share the same handicap.

But being pathologically timid does not make things easy for them.

So whether they will manage to get together, join their solitudes and live happily ever after is a guessing matter.

The very words "Romantic Comedy" now inflict feelings of dread upon any sober moviegoer, especially those with a stereotypical girlfriend to entertain.

Just like the musical genre was once an intelligent and stylistic way of telling an emotionally complex story, but has since become the theatrical equivalent of a mindless action blockbuster, so too has the romantic comedy lost its exciting inventiveness.

Although, an unimaginably long time ago, the mixture of colourful romance and witty humour that has the two feeding off and enriching each other was successfully used to create one delightful story.

It was about a shy, hapless young bachelor who comes across a seemingly cold, unfeeling and cantankerous young woman.

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