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Doty was sentenced to death after he pleaded guilty to killing a fellow inmate he stabbed and strangled to death while he was serving a life sentence for the fatal shooting of a night watchman at a Plant City manufacturing plant during a drug robbery in 1996, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

In a handwritten affadavit, Doty wrote to the Florida Department of Corrections that, 'I'm invoking my right of free will to choose execution by electrocution due to confliction (sic) surrounding executions through lethal injection.' Florida's Ol' Sparky (above), as states' electric chairs are nicknamed, hasn't been used since 1999 when it botched at least three executions - the chair's most famous visitor was probably serial killer Ted Bundy Doty wrote in his affadavit: 'My decision on method of execution is a self-driven motive allowing the state of Florida to exercise their duly sworn duties to deliver my sentence in an expeditious manner, thus bringing peace to the victim's family as well as my spiritual freedom.'Ol' Sparky, as the state's three-legged electric chair became known, was semi-retired in 1999 after a 350-pound triple murderer, Allen Lee 'Tiny' Davis, had a difficult death as blood appeared on his face and shirt during his electrocution.

Logan West earned the crown with closest title possible to American royalty — Miss Teen USA 2012, that is!After a week of competing at the Atlantis — Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Danielle Doty passed down her crown to the first Miss Teen USA from Connecticut. Logan will be attending the New York Fim Academy in New York City this year. Seventeen: What's changed since you were crowned Miss Teen USA 2011? I am not afraid to be myself and give advice to others.2.) My public speaking skills.This experience will help me pursue my goals of becoming a broadcast journalist.I was able to use my voice for many causes and even gave a DARE graduation speech recently. Thanks to our MUO stylist, my wardrobe is more colorful and daring.I am not afraid to try new things.17: What is some advice you can give to readers?Danielle:1) Teens should realize that they are not alone when it comes to peer-pressure.It is important to be strong and speak out.2) Never dream too small.If you want something, go for it—the outcome may not always be what you were hoping for, but by not trying you will never know! 17: You're attending Texas Christian University next fall, what are you most excited for in college?

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