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This is my first fan fiction story on Hawaii Five 0. Six people dead, 11 more wounded and somehow the shooter escaped. Sunlight Steve Mc Garrett sat at his desk rubbing his face trying to wake himself up. Three days since a killer went on a shooting spree in a local mall.Mall security cameras showed a man in a baseball cap, dark jacket and jeans, heavy hiking boots.

""A call came in on the tip line identifying the shooter as a James Nordson. I remember a cave up in the woods we used to go to as kids.""Get everyone together. Tell HPD to send a SWAT Team to his apartment and have men deployed to the park.He worked at a hunting and camping store in the mall until two weeks ago. We'll have to sweep the whole park but our team will start at the cave." Steve rose to his feet and abruptly sneezed."You ok boss," Chin frowned."I'm fine.Let's get our gear and head out." Steve moved to the door calling Danny and Kono as he went.An hour later the dark blue truck entered the park and Steve followed Chin's directions to the cave.He pulled to the side of the road into a small turn out surrounded by trees."We'll park here and walk the rest of the way," Steve climbed out of the truck.He was suited up in his bullet proof vest over a long sleeve dark shirt with a black t-shirt, dark green pants and his work boots.Chin and Kono were dressed in dark shirts and pants while Danny was wearing his usual shirt , tie and dress pants under his vest. Chin and Danny went off in both directions, getting ready to flank the cave.Each of them carried a small backpack loaded with ammunition, water, and supplies."Mc Garrett, shouldn't we wait for more backup," Danny asked. Steve and Kono headed straight into the darkness, hugging the sides of the cave wall."Keep your flashlight off until you need it," Steve whispered softly. The two edged forward carefully, guns stretched in front of them."I know you like to run around and shoot at stuff but this is serious nature," Danny pointed to the nearby waterfall."Danny, we have men all over the island searching for this guy. Danny paused as he considered his options then shrugged, "Lead on Robinson Crusoe."Steve smiled then quickly checked the chamber of his gun and led the team into the jungle. Steve glanced over his shoulder and saw the entrance of the cave behind them, the dim sunlight barely cutting the darkness."Boss," Kono whispered and gestured.I think the four of us can handle a little walk in the woods, don't you? Half an hour later the four of them squatted and stared through the leaves at the gaping mouth of a cave set into a large mountain. "I see something back there."Steve squinted, then took another step forward, straining to see.

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