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Mexican girls dating black men

I received a very interesting comment about my previous article called “10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Visit Colombia“.It basically stated that 80% of Latinas in America prefer not to date black men and even respond with racial slurs or insults at times.

America has a very thick racist and cultural divide that’s been going on for decades.

Every one is separated by income levels, race, age, political affinity, gender, etc.

Latinas in USA Latinas in America will behave like any other American woman because they adapt to American culture and treat so called “outsiders” with hostility and anger.

If you aren’t latino or rich, then your chances with a latina in America are very low. You cannot take everything personally, especially when it comes to American women who are conditioned to act disgusting and wicked through the media.

Also, many Latinas in America come from some of the most impoverished countries in Central America like Guatemala and Honduras.

The best looking Latinas come from South America in my opinion so you are missing out on millions of potential ladies by limiting yourself to mostly Central American immigrants.Latinas outside of America On the other hand, Latinas outside of America do not carry the same hatred and prejudice that American women have.I have visited many Latin countries like Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, etc.Women were extremely kind, gentle and very compassionate. Because that is how they treat most men in their culture.You aren’t judged by your skin color in Latin America.You are judged based on how you carry yourself and your personality.Trust me, I am no Denzel Washinton or Lebron James.I am average height with average social skills yet have no problems meeting sweet and kind Latinas outside of the USA.I was recently in Panama last year and just dropped my bags off at my hotel room.I noticed a quite beautiful girl working at a smoothie stand across the street.She greeted me with a smile and asked me what I wanted to order.

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