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Mixed dating signals

As we all know, trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship.So when you are building the foundation of a new romance, one of your top priorities should be to establish a strong sense that you two can really count on each other, and trust what you say to each other.One of the best ways to establish this kind of trust is to prioritize direct communication when it comes to how you relate to each other.

Let’s look at some common mixed messages people send to each other, and how they can damage – and even doom – a young relationship.

Mixed Messages about the Future One way we lower the trust level in a new relationship is when we send mixed messages about where the relationship itself is headed.

For example, there’s nothing at all wrong with saying, “I think we’ve got something really good going here.” But if you follow that up with actions that imply that you aren’t ready to make more of a commitment to the relationship, then it’s going to be hard for your significant other to believe other statements you make.

So make sure that when you discuss the future, you say what you really mean, and then that your actions are consistent with what you’ve said.

A clear and direct “Let’s take things slowly until we both figure out what we want” is infinitely better than an enthusiastic promise that you’re not sure you want to live up to.

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Physical Mixed Messages Your words aren’t the only way you can make promises.

How you physically interact with your new partner sends all kinds of messages as well.

This can of course apply to sexual intimacy—for many people, sleeping together is a sign that the relationship has moved to a certain level of seriousness.

But there are also plenty of non-sexual physical gestures that send messages as well.

Holding hands or kissing in public, for example, often signals that you two are a couple.

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