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The country is northeast of Romania and is having no coastline or seaport. With its capital in Chisinau is one of the most unusual countries in the area.This former Soviet republic was known for its agricultural production, as the breadbasket of the USSR.Today, Moldova is regarded as the poorest country in Europe.

The official language of Moldova is Moldovan (or Moldovian).

This is identical to Romanian, and in reality it's simply another way of saying the official language is Romanian.

To compare the two is like comparing American English with British English.

The Russian language is also widely used in society and it is also a main language for trade purposes.

Approximately 20% of people in Moldova speak Russian as their first language, and it would be understood by most people.- Those interested in international and foreign dating have realized that the best way to meet Moldova women is a good and legitimate marriage services/agencies or dating sites.

No one can say that dating is easy, especially when it comes to dating foreign girls.- If you are a foreigner to Moldovan girls, your points will go up automatically as Moldovan girls prefer foreigner men over locals because they crave for a better lifestyle for themselves and better upbringing for their children.- Moldova women are amazing, astonishing and stunning.They tend to have the long straight hair, high cheekbones and generally slim bodies that you find all over Eastern Europe.The girls of Moldova also tend to have a bit of that “tanned” look.- Moldova women tend to be direct and honest.They will let you know what they are willing to do and what is not in the cards.The rejections though clear but are also elegant and soft.This save you a lot of energy and time.- You will definitely have more success dating a Moldovan woman that has at least one child.There is a lot of wonderful women there on the shelf because in fact Moldovan men do not want the obligation and responsibility of someone else's child.- The age gaps can not be avoided when you want to date a Moldovan girl.There are very young Moldovan women on dating sites (as young as 18-19) but you need to think carefully before making your selection.The relationship simply can not work if you are with a girl who is 20 years younger than you.- Though the girls in Moldova are educated, but the bad economic situation of the country forces a lot of young women to give up the hopes of a postgraduate education in order to go to work in low paying jobs.- While money does matter to Moldovan woman, but it is not a key factor of her faithfulness and loyalty in a relationship and marriage.If she is committed in a relationship, she would stay devoted and loyal to her husband, no matter what financial situation arises.- Much like Russia and Ukraine what is called (the mail order bride) classification does exist in Moldova too.It is important to be aware of this situation if you plan to visit and date Moldova women.- Female migrants face additional discrimination, stigmatization, insult and abuse upon their return from abroad, due to general assumptions that they have been prostitutes, whores and sex workers while they were in foreign countries.- If you want to meet a Moldovan woman for marriage, there are a few important rules you should stick to. Use only a trustworthy marriage agency or a dating site. And finally, be ready for the language and cultural issues and problems you may face.- Finally, Moldova is a highly recommended for dating wonderful women.

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