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Pagdating ng bukas chords

It’s really funny that everytime I check out the search engine entries to get to this blog, I always find “bahay kubo movie” or “bahay kubo guitar chords.” I know how frustrating it gets to keep searching about a certain topic, ending up with hundreds of possible sources and clicking hundreds of links only to end up in a site without any relation to what you’re looking for whatsoever.So for the sake of those who stumble upon my blog, here is the Philippine Folk Song Bahay Kubo lyrics and chords: ***** It’s the first song I learned to play on the guitar (lol), so I don’t know if it’s quite right. It’s relatively easy, perfect for beginners (not saying that I’m professional). ********************************* [EDIT 6-16-11] I’ve been scouring the net for the past half hour for Leron Leron Sinta guitar chords (I’ve been wondering what the heck “Leron” means.I found out that it’s a name, by the way), and to my surprise found none, which is weird considering it’s one of the more popular Filipino folk songs there are.

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Artist: Aiza Seguerra Song: Pagdating ng Panahon Transcript by string_liznerz Email: [email protected]!!!

Who every wanna copy this tablature, don't mind the lyrics coz I don't know the lyric and I'm not sure about the words that I put.

Coz I never sing any songs that I know but I only "Play GUITAR".

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