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The family forms the foundation of society in Pakistan and encompasses a wide breadth of relationships.

One’s extended relatives have great significance on a daily basis and a vast majority of Pakistanis live in multigenerational households whereby three, four or sometimes five generations reside together (including grandparents, uncles, siblings and cousins).

Due to the low socioeconomic condition of most of Pakistan's population, family ties are essential for people to survive economically.

The concept of ‘’ – relationship forming – becomes central to this family dynamic.

People generally rely on their relatives more than anyone else for financial, social and employment opportunities (see ‘Interdependence and Wasta’ in the ).

Furthermore, considering how big the average household is, most of the income is spent on the upkeep of the family home.

Generally, only the privileged elite classes or families who have migrated to cities have adopted the nuclear family setup.

Even then, most people’s relatives live close to each other and rely on one another for financial support.

The family, being such an intricate and supportive network, is kept quite private to outsiders.

Significant precautions are taken to keep all problems, financial matters and gossip away from public knowledge.

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