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The 65-year-old, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, became an instant fashion icon when she was photographed in a portrait by Annie Leibovitz, wearing nothing but a crème-colored corset.

Jenner may have been the most recognized transgender star to cover a major publication, but she’s hardly the first to make a splash in the fashion industry.

Here are 10 other transgender models who are also making their marks and redefining the boundaries of beauty.

Nef graduated in May from Columbia with a degree in drama and theater arts.

She's already an accomplished writer, having penned articles for , and walking for shows including Martin Margiela and Commes des Garcons, de Hingh is already a bona fide supermodel.

The Amsterdam native came into the spotlight when she was the subject of a Dutch documentary, which followed her from when she was eight until she decided to undergo sex reassignment surgery at 17.

Discovered by Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci, the Brazil-born, Italy-raised model has become one of the most visible trans faces in the fashion industry.

Now a muse to Tisci, she's one of the top models in Italy, and was recently named one of If at the beginning of my career in the modelling industry or half way through it or even this time last year you told me that I would end up having a 4 page feature in AMERICAN VOGUE I would have probably told you 'oh I dunno about that!

That might be a bit difficult to achieve in the near future.' In fact I was told by various people many times over that the chances of me ending up on these pages were slim to none.

So you can only imagine what I'm feeling right now!

Thank you #Anna Wintour, #Tonne Goodman, #Patrick Demarchelier and #Helena Suric for making history and having me be part of it but even more importantly for representing a whole social minority and an often forgotten community of women in such an important publication and opening doors for the rest of the fashion industry to do so!

Thank you to my agency @thesocietynyc for being the most supportive agency in the world and pulling off the amazing come back!

Hair by @shayashual Makeup by #Yadim @Voguemagazine Link in my bio!

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