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Problems dynamically updating xul hierarchical trees

DOM (Document Object Model) events allow event-driven programming languages like Java Script, JScript, ECMAScript, VBScript and Java to register various event handlers or listeners on the element nodes inside a DOM tree, such as in HTML, XHTML, XUL and SVG documents.Historically, like DOM, the event models used by various web browsers had some significant differences. To combat this, the event model was standardized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in DOM Level 2.Fires when the user agent finishes loading all content within a document, including window, frames, objects and images For elements, it fires when the target element and all of its content has finished loading Note that the events whose names start with “DOM” are currently not well supported, and for this and other performance reasons are deprecated by the W3C in DOM Level 3.

Chrome and Safari support these events, except for DOMAttr Modified.

Web browsers running on touch-enabled devices, such as Apple's i OS and Google's Android, generate additional events.

A user agent must dispatch this event type to indicate when a Touch Point has been disrupted in an implementation-specific manner, such as by moving outside the bounds of the UA window.

A user agent may also dispatch this event type when the user places more touch points (The coordinate point at which a pointer (e.g.

finger or stylus) intersects the target surface of an interface) on the touch surface than the device or implementation is configured to store, in which case the earliest Touch Point object in the Touch List should be removed.

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Web browsers on devices with various types of input devices including mouse, touch panel, and pen may generate integrated input events.

Users can see what type of input device is pressed, what button is pressed on that device, and how strongly the button is pressed when it comes to a stylus pen.

As of October 2013, this event is only supported by Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

Not yet really implemented, the Indie UI working groups want to help web application developers to be able to support standard user interaction events without having to handle different platform specific technical events that could match with it.

Scripting usable interfaces can be difficult, especially when one considers that user interface design patterns differ across software platforms, hardware, and locales, and that those interactions can be further customized based on personal preference.

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