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Problems updating to vista ultimate

Microsoft has been unable to fix a very basic problem regarding turning Windows features on in Vista.

We called for support and were told it would take 8 hours for them to get back to us.

Acceptable customer service or really bad customer service from Microsoft?

Microsoft Vista flashed up a message: "Please wait while the features are configured.This might take several minutes."However, the status bar did not indicate any progress. Minutes later, Windows Vista informed me that it had had some troubles installing IIS on Vista: "An error has occurred.Not all of the features were successfully changed."That's it.Just "I couldn't do it" and no helpful debugging information or fix info.So I had two options 1) call Microsoft for technical support help; or 2) try to fix it on my own.To me, calling Microsoft for tech support is something that would likely take hours and possibly not result in any solution. Usually, when I try to troubleshoot a computer problem myself, I do pretty well.I put the error message in quotes and search Google.Typically, there is somebody out there who has had the exact same problem and identified a fix.So I searched for various thingshow to access iis in vista "please wait while the features""error has occurred. I find this post at a Microsoft employee in IIS deployment who says: What has happened here is that an internal component of the Windows setup engine (the component store) has somehow become corrupted.We have reviewed potential causes for this and the way the IIS component setup works, there is nothing IIS is doing that will lead to this.There is also no way a user could induce this situation by setting up something incorrectly.

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