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Since the early days of home video Ray Harryhausen’s films have been a lightning rod for companies eager to one-up the competition with bigger and brighter releases of the beloved animator’s work.Located in the UK, Powerhouse/Indicator is the latest to jump on the bandwagon with lavishly appointed blu ray sets each featuring three of his films.Though all these movies have been previously released through other companies, Powerhouse has upped the ante with fresh transfers and a broad slate of new extras.

Bryant, Raymond Poulton Produced by Sam Katzman, Charles H.

Schneer Music: Mischa Bakaleinikoff, Bernard Herrmann Directed by , the first nuclear-powered submarine, put to sea in 1955 – it might not be a coincidence that It Came From Beneath the Sea set sail that same year.

Pete Mathews, the ruddy-faced hero of the film is the commander of his own atomic-fueled barge and its there that he receives reports of a shadowy entity, a monstrous octopus slowly making its way stateside.

Shrugging off every obstacle that Matthews and his crew can manufacture, the monster barrels toward the San Francisco bay with its tentacles set on the Golden Gate Bridge and points beyond.

Meanwhile the square-jawed Matthews, in the best tradition of , battens down the hatches, hoping to corral the barnstorming mollusc before it lays waste to the Golden Coast.

Renowned among monster movie connoisseurs for Harryhausen’s cost-efficient creature (the octopus comes with six tentacles instead of the standard issue eight), was the animator’s second solo project and one that posed a unique challenge, how to give character to what was essentially a writhing mass of faceless tentacles. But what the slimy leviathan lacks in character it makes up for in its elegant approach to mass destruction as its tentacles slither through San Francisco in a sinuous variation on Salome’s dance, writhing and wiggling their way past Fisherman’s Wharf and onward to Chinatown.

Opening in July 1955 on a nuclear-powered double-bill with Creature With the Atom Brain, ’s more ominous warnings of robotic infiltrators).

Directed by the profoundly pedestrian Robert Gordon, the movie is goosed along by the always terrific Kenneth Tobey as the can-do navy commander and Harryhausen’s hypnotic special effects.

Powerhouse’s transfer of Henry Freulich’s cinematography reveals a nicely detailed image only kicking up a grain-storm when Harryhausen’s mattes and rear projections appear.

The disc repeats a few features from a previous release including a commentary by Harryhausen, Randall William Cook, John Bruno and Arnold Kunert, along with a 30 minute documentary, 20 Million Miles to Earth – June, 1957 Upon its return from Venus a spacecraft makes a wrong turn and crashes off the coast of Sicily.

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