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The 26-count 86-page civil rights suits includes allegations like numerous violations of Title IX (designed to protect female athletes on many levels) – plus fraud, gross negligence, failure to protect, and the extreme emotional distress suffered by all the young victims.The lawsuits demand a “declaratory, injunctive, equitable, and monetary relief for injuries sustained by plaintiff’s minor” due to the sexual assaults committed by Lawrence Nassar and MSU, its board of directors, and other MSU employees involved with the girls safety and training“USA Gymnastics (“USAG”) and their respective employees, representatives, and agents relating to sexual assault, abuse, molestation, and non-consensual sexual touching and harassment by defendant Nassar against” the young gymnasts who are suing those that allowed the child sex crimes to continue at MSU and USA Gymnastic.“From 2015 to 2016 under the guise of treatment, Defendant Nassar sexually assaulted, abused and molested plaintiffs’ minor, by nonconsensual vaginal and anal digital penetration and without the use of gloves or lubricant,” state the lawsuits., into law.Title IX is a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity.

Title IX applies, with a few specific exceptions, to all aspects of federally funded education programs or activities.

In addition to traditional educational institutions such as colleges, universities, and elementary and secondary schools, Title IX also applies to any education or training program operated by a recipient of federal financial assistance.

The Department of Education has issued regulations on the requirements of Title IX, 34 C.

(born August 14, 1964) is an American politician and businessman who has served in the United States House of Representatives, representing Wisconsin's 2nd congressional district, since 2013.

The district is based in the state capital, Madison.

A member of the Democratic Party, he previously served as a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1999 to 2013, representing the 78th district.

He represented much of downtown Madison, including the Wisconsin State Capitol.

In November 2012, Pocan won the general election to replace Tammy Baldwin, a fellow Democrat and longtime friend who was elected to the U. Senate, as the next member of Congress from the district.

He had also succeeded Baldwin in the State Assembly. He graduated from Harvey Elementary School, Washington Junior High School, and Mary D. He attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison, earning a bachelor's degree in journalism in 1986.

Shortly after graduating, Pocan opened up his own small business, a printing company named Budget Signs & Specialties, which he continues to own and run as of 2012.

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