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Siglaunch not updating

Over the last 2 months we've been focusing on improving performance and areas where we needed proactive maintenance as Guild Launch continues to grow.

The most important of those changes have been released and we are now ready to move back into refining and improving Guild Launch from a functional perspective.

Over the next 6 months we are going to be taking a strong look at usability, fun and making you the user feel like you are kicking ass when using Guild Launch.

This functionality works for all games, but for Wo W guilds links to Wo W Heroes, and similar sites will be presented on the application and in the forum post. You get a textbox, you write the CSS directly into it, you save it. No magic name, no funny business, just easy editing.* You can now put " before a subdomain and the site will redirect you to the correct subdomain.* Wo W guilds can now customize the colors for the class in the simple customization editors.* The Primary Nav now presents and "Edit Links" link on the primary nav.

We hope this will help people find this functionality more readily.* The Guild Site welcome email has been refined.* Background Attachment options (fixed, scroll) have been added to the Simple Editors and to the Background upload page.* Where files are listed from the File Library or a reference to the File Library is made in Admin there is now a corresponding link to the File Library.* A broken link on the user profile characters tab has been fixed.* Guild News permissions have been fixed so that those with "Communcations" rights can add news.* The required status of an Advanced Application question can now be edited.

Version 1.5.6 * Added boss kill group attendance configuration. * Added optional note to to wait list add whisper command. * Added wait list information to XML export format. * Fixed issue where user interface was not updating automatically on manual loot addition.

* Added wait list whisper notification configuration option. * Added returns and feeds for all export string lines. Version 1.4.4 * Added loot information to CSV export format. Version 1.4.3 * Added loot listing to member information section. * Converted all locale strings to have literal values. * Fixed Death Knight label in loot management popup frame.

Version 1.5.1 * Fixed issue where duplicate whispers were being sent when user has multiple chat frames. * Fixed stack overflow issue relating to automatic group selection. * Fixed localized class names mistakenly being used for internal comparison.

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