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Meanwhile, Rhian said that she’s grateful that her boyfriend, television personality Kc Montero, is supportive of her showbiz career.He’s the type of person I need in the stage where am in He’s exactly what I need right now,” she said.Rhian Ramos and KC Montero have ended their relationship after almost two years of being a couple, the actress confirmed Tuesday.

Mo and Rhian’s relationship made headlines when a video of Mo leaked in 2011.

In the video, an emotional Mo gave details about Rhian being “forced” to give up their baby for the sake of her career.

Even until now, when I talk about him, I really have nothing but good things to say.

And until now I love him very dearly as a friend,” Rhian said.

While she did not specify when they decided to end their relationship, Ramos said it happened before typhoon “Yolanda” made landfall last November 8.

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This time it’s between Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero on one side and DJ Mo Twister on the other.

For some strange reason, tweeps get a kick out of reading celebs’ ballistic postings.

Ramos is only happy to remain friends with Montero, saying they continue to regularly see each other even after the separation.“Sometimes kasi, the people that you really want to keep in your life, you just make sure they’re there…So she started to tweet about me, to all her followers, calling me a coward.

I don’t care if Aubrey thinks I was tweeting about her or not.

And now we are no longer friends for reasons that will never be known.

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