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So I have been chatting to a girl on Tinder, and she is now basically blackmailing me for money for her mother back in the philipines, I will have cliffs at the bottom, but its worth the read just to STAY SAFE BRAHS So after hearing about the beauties of Tinder from the misc and other friends, I decided to give it a try, I have a current FWB but it was just to see what else was there.I start chatting to this cute asian, 7.3452 misc standards, the conversation quickly moves to some dirty talk, and she says she wants to get on camera, so we move over to Skype.I add her and we chat for a bit, and then start up the camera, im actually a bit surprised she is as hot as the pictures and its not turned out to be some hoe asking for money before she can let me see her.

She pretty much starts a count down on me sending money.At first I am going along with it saying okay I will send money, blah blah blah sloot sloot sloot, but then she says she wants 0, no thanks, Jeff.So now im sitting here thinking, am I going to be that guy?the one that jerks it on the internet, and lets be honest, it doesnt look pretty.Basically this is still going on she says the video is at 93% uploaded, and now I feel like im waiting to be sentenced back to prison (srs) no way am I letting some sloot rip me off 0, but at the same time, if she sends this, she will send it to basically everyone, and I am going to look like a huge creep. So brahs, stay safe out there, its all fun and games until someone records you strumming your banjo and threaten to send it to every person you know.Cliffs: -OP starts Tinder -OP chats up girl on tinder -Chat moves to skype so we can cam sex0r -Continues on cam for twenty minutes until its terminated -When reconnected OP is watching video of himself fap -Sloot recorded whole fapping session -Sloot found OP profile on facebook with help of tinder -Sloot found OP's friends list and threatens to send to everyone unless OP will give her 0 -OP refuses, sloot says video is nearly uploaded -OP's angus is peppered Cliffs of cliffs: -OP has been master trolled. Newest break: So Lawlstud managed to get her back on camera, it looks like I was trolled by a pre-recorded video (lol full potato) but now we can try work some leads from here.Looks like he has also obtained the IP which is telling us she is in the phillipines where she said her mother was, may be onto something now.No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical trainingwhat a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.-Socrates Just tell her you'll call the cops and press charges.I doubt she will send it out, just make sure you have proof it's her sending it out if she does.And keep all the skype msgs of her blackmailing you.

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