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Steve jobs widow dating

Laurene Powell Jobs and husband Steve Jobs arrive at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards in 2010.The couple met at Stanford Business School in 1990.They wed in 1991; their marriage lasted until Jobs's death in October 2011.

It says Laurene Powell Jobs, the 49-year-old widow of Steve, is in a "budding romance" with former DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, 42. Fenty now works for a venture capital firm co-founded by Marc Andreessen, and Andreessen's wife is friends with Powell Jobs.

The romance started earlier this year, says the piece, but the two first met at an education conference in 2011.

That next year, Fenty joined the board of a non-profit program founded by Powell Jobs called College Track that helps low-income students prep for college.

Days after they moved in, they met a financial adviser from insurance giant Britannic to ask for help turning a pension of £99,154 into an income which would keep his wife secure for years after his death.

Their beautiful home has been sold, and Mrs Monksfield, 63, has been reduced to living on benefits in a two-bedroom flat — and all because her husband unknowingly signed up to the wrong type of pension.

Mrs Monksfield, who has had to borrow from friends to get by on her £90-a-week state pension, says: ‘My husband was the kind of man who never took a sick day.

He worked hard for every penny he saved and he was insistent I would be looked after.

She remembers clearly that her husband made it explicit that as he was suffering from amyloidosis — a rare disease affecting tissues and organs throughout the body — he wanted to ensure his wife would be financially secure after he ‘popped off’.

The most popular is called a single-life annuity, which pays out only during your lifetime.

If you are married, you can take a joint-life annuity.

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