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Whether you’re a first time Parent or a seasoned Veteran, My Asian Nanny Inc is dedicated to helping you find the perfect Nanny for your household.

Because we are a small independent Chinese nanny agency, we can be personally involved.

Finding the time and energy to focus on your career, raise the kids, all the while keeping the house nice and tidy has never been more challenging than it is in today’s busy world.

We understand the daily rigors that you go through and are here to help!

We too are parents and understand that your children are the world to you.

We make it our top priority to refer only the best nanny candidates available.

We will carefully screen and conduct on the phone and in-person interviews with each and every candidate that we refer.We believe that every family deserves a nanny who goes above and beyond to become an integral and cohesive unit to your families unique dynamics.We take great pride in being able to assist you in your time of need and offer our extensive knowledge in hiring “The right help”, so that you can make the best decision possible for your Family.At our agency, we make it our top priority to screen and refer only the best and most qualified candidates who are able to provide exceptional childcare .Our domestic care aids are in the business of making sure your household runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.We keep an extensive and diverse roster of nannies who specialize in the care of children from all age groups, including the care of newborns during the traditional Chinese observed “sit-month” periods of rest.Our caretakers are frequently conversant in more than one language, giving your children a headstart in being exposed to the Chinese language by a fluent Mandarin speaking nanny.Most of our available nannies are originally from China, Taiwan or Indonesia and may be able to speak English, in addition to their native languages.Our agency works under the philosophy that the ideal nanny serves as a guide to your child’s development and is able to provide the highest level of care that enriches his or her crucial early years.My Asian Nanny stands out from the rest because we too are parents.We understand that your child’s early experiences can shape his or her entire future outlook on life, and by selecting the ideal nanny is not a task that we take lightly.

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