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Full Name: Deanna Troi Date of birth: Terran equivalent: March 29, 2336 Place of birth: Near Lake El-Nar, Betazed Parents: Betazoid Ambassador Lwaxana Troi and the late Starfleet Lt. Promoted to commander; passed Bridge Officers' Exam 2372 ?Ian Andrew Troi Education: Starfleet Academy, 2355-59; advanced study at University on Betazed Marital status: Married to William Riker Children: One, deceased, via alien conception taking human form: Ian Andrew Jr., b/d 2365 Quarters: Formerly, Starfleet Career Summary 2362 ? Transferred with remainder of Picard's senior staff to Sovereign-class Psychological Profile: Report of Starfleet Medical, Counselor General With excerpts from Service File Entries, reflecting update of SD 50900 Although actually of mixed human and Betazoid heritage, Troi is one of many from her planet active in the Starfleet counselor corps and was ship's counselor for the throughout its service life and now aboard its successor namesake.Educational leave for advanced career study, Betazed 2364 ? Troi's race is known for its inter-species telepathy and its emotional empathy with most other species whether on board the ship, in a ship at close proximity or on the planet below.

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The Millers expected to carry out the arranged marriage in 2364, but Wyatt realized the woman he'd been imagining was a Tarellian plague victim and he left to help her people instead.Unbeknownst to Troi until 2370, she had a sister Kestra six years her senior who drowned in the nearby lake during a picnic when Troi was but a newborn infant.In grief and guilt her parents moved away, and upon Ian's death Lwaxana deleted all mention of Kestra in personal logs.Though exasperated at times by the bawdy Lwaxana, she gained new insight with that revelation, which added new meaning to her mother's lifelong and oft-detested nickname "little one" and came while relieving Lwaxana's metaconscious trauma.Among her childhood keepsakes, not recovered from storage until 2368, are a doll, a small teddy bear, necklaces, and two books; she'd once had a Betazoid kitten as a pet, but it never got along with her mother.Following Academy graduation she returned to her homeworld for advanced psychology studies at the University there, where she befriended the troubled Tam Elbrun during his treatments for stress.It was also during this period when she met and enjoyed a deep romance with her "imzadi," Starfleet Lieutenant William Riker.Aside from her intended mate Wyatt Miller, Riker is the only other person she felt had the capacity to share full telepathic contact. Potemkin in 2362, but his rapid career rise negated that and she eventually cooled to him.They had planned to reunite six months after he left Betazed for the U. Despite latent feelings and her occasional use of the "imzadi" endearment, their professional life has remained largely platonic yet warm since their surprise reunion on the two years later.Troi has shown no signs of negative reaction to Riker's occasional attractions to other women, including both Ensign Ro and the J'naii renegade Soren, and is even touched that he still confides in her.Even so, the appearance of the "old" -era Riker in the form of Thomas easily swept her off her feet.

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