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Updating firmware on wrt54g

However, in situations when the screen is predominantly bright (such as when viewing many web pages), the AMOLED display uses more power.

WARNING The WRT54G v7 uses an Atheros AR2317 chip, has 2MB ROM, 8MB RAM and runs Vx Works.

DD-WRT allows overclocking the device to up to 300 MHz for v2-v3 and up to 250mhz for v4-v6.

To do: Need to reorganize as (1) General installation, (2) Device specific addenda, (3) Configuration adjuncts and recipes (adding features), (4) Config & operational notes on various topics -- Wrlee (talk) , 31 July 2009 (UTC) Once installed, you can load any other firmware file without these machinations, using the config menu item to load new (or old) versions of firmware, including OEM versions.

As noted above, the USB port is not supported by the standard Tomato firmware.

There are alternative variations that add this support; see the forum posting "Tomato 1ND USB FTP/Samba Mod" for the list of features.

Warning: Be aware that Buffalo only has encrypted firmwares on their web site.

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