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Updating psp system software

Hi everyone, once again we’re adding new features to your PS3 via firmware update to continue to try and bring you the best entertainment experience possible.

This builds on the previous connection with Trophies and the ability to share purchases from the Play Station Store.

Now you can further integrate your PSN and Facebook accounts with this new application, which allows you to display your PSN profile on Facebook, send a PSN friend request to friends on Facebook and add the PSN application tab to your Facebook Profile.

We’re very excited to be able to provide you with continued system software upgrades, which ensure your PS3 and PSP systems remain compelling offerings for years to come with no additional investment from you. * Approximate value based on average RRP of available content in a one year subscription, excluding discounts, calculated using exchange rates as at May 2010. Access to some content, excluding discounted content, terminates at the end of the subscription period.

For more details and instructions on how to update the system software for the PS3 and PSP systems, please visit and

Is there a way to disable the PS Vita from updating automatically?

When I turned my vita on 2 days ago, the PS Vita was on the updating screen.I had a choice to update later, but, I want to get rid of it completely. PS VITA 1000-PCH WIFI Model PS VITA 2000-PCH Lime Green & White WIFI Model Check out my YT channel.I do PS VITA commentaries, unboxings and more =) Channel: NLSEHdl IGux VAY8L2w The vita does not update by itself, what you need to do is disable the auto update, if you can't do it now just keep it on flight mode, and make it forget your home network, so it doesnt accidentally connect to it when you leave flight mode.also go to settings, system, auto-start settins, tick off download update file for system software also can be done from your psn account i believe, just check the settings, there should be a way to disbale auto updates. Just tap on the bubble next to the download, with (...) and select cancel, this deletes the download.Can this downloaded update file be deleted from the Vita? We wanted to shed some light on system software update version 1.50 for PS4, which will arrive simultaneously with the system’s official launch next month.By updating to system software version 1.50, you’ll be able to experience a variety of new features in addition to the basic functions of PS4.The system software update 1.50 is approximately 300 MB, and will include the following features: Some features will not be available at launch, such as “suspend/resume mode” which is a feature that keeps the PS4 system in a low power state and promptly takes users back to their game.We will provide additional information about system software update version 1.50 and features available at the PS4 system’s launch, and features that will be available after launch, in the near future.Yifan Lu and team molecule had warned that PSN access on HENkaku would be short lived, and it seems today’s the day you lose PSN access if you are using the popular hack.

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