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Updating your hairstyle

Are you dressing more like your grandmother than your peers? If you'd like to fast forward your closet into the 21st century, some suggestions are presented here.

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If you've had a bob for a while and you don't want to grow it or get a pixie, you can switch things up with one of the simple tweaks below.

With bob cuts set to remain a prominent hairstyle trend this season (and next, and probably the one after that, too) updating your existing look is an easy way to stay ahead of the curve!

If you have a lob or just a long-ish bob, going just a little shorter will create the illusion of a brand new cut without any drastic loss of length.You'll also get that fresh haircut feeling when running your hands though shorter, healthier ends, too!Keep your hair frizz-free by applying Advanced Hairstyle BLOW DRY IT Thermal Smoother Cream before blowdrying.For a fresh summertime look, sweep your bob back off your face.This style pairs really well with natural makeup and does a great job of showcasing your favorite sunglasses!Use a small amount of Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Clean Style Gel to smooth the hair back.Start with a dime-sized amount and add more as needed to avoid overloading your locks.When you love the length of your hair, but want the overall style to look different, try getting bangs.Whether blunt, feathered, wispy or side-swept, the right fringe will transform your bob cut!Rake your bangs into place with a small amount of Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Hyper Fix Putty on your fingertips for lasting, flexible hold.If you usually blow-dry your hair, try air drying it once in a while to change the texture.

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