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When is facebook for android updating

As long as they are Delta updates of the application it should be fine - meaning that only some parts of the application will be updated thus the update does not consume much of the data.Frequent updates are never about new features, they are generally fixing the bugs reported through real time crash tracking systems like Crashlytics - the developer just can't see the crash count increasing.

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When is facebook for android updating

(This would be awesome, but impractical.) Scenario 3: You’re sitting in the living room when you hear a noise from the garage.

You go out to investigate and find someone messing with your car. It’s one thing to offer software through third-party channels.

The fact that it’s is one of the reasons I prefer Android to i OS.

In that case, notifying me of updates, maybe even simplifying the download would be very convenient — if I know ahead of time that it’s going to happen. A download coming from some new location, but claiming to be a familiar piece of software, and a notice telling you to install it? In short, it’s a violation of trust…and if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Facebook over the last few years, it’s that the social network has enough problems with trust.

No special steps are required to upgrade to 3.17.2.

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