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Whmcs due date not updating

If Kuber Dock and WHMCS will have more than 15 minutes time difference, then it will cause an error for Kuber Dock user that will try to buy an application in Kuber Dock. It is important to setup this section otherwise Kuber Dock will not terminate and suspend users pods after due date. Pod status become unpaid (means stopped) with inability to start it. Note that if you change default currency settingsb, then you need to edit each Kuber Dock product and just click and specify the number of days after which Kuber Dock must suspend or terminate users` application. If a user doesn't pay for Pod on the first day/or for the next month: 1. Users will be able to choose currency when choosing a package.

If a user doesn't pay for the Pod after one day/or for the next month: 1. That`s all you need to configure WHMCS integration with Kuber Dock.

Now you should also set up resource limits, package prices (check step 3 of Configure Packages section) and price for each Kube Type (check step 2 in Configure Kube Types section).

You can also create additional packages and add Kube Types to them, to enable users purchase Kuber Dock.

Note that you need to set up payments gateway in WHMCS according to their documentation.

In this how-to tutorial, we will show you how to configure your WHMCS in order to use it as a web hosting billing system in a few steps.

The first step will be to configure your WHMCS General Settings.

This can be done when you log in to your admin section of the WHMCS and go to the Setup General Settings.

In this menu you will find a couple of options : General, Localisation, Ordering, Domains, Mail, Support, Invoices, Credits, Affiliates and Others section.

In the General section you can do the following changes: Company Name - Your Company Name as you want it to appear throughout the system Email Address - The default sender email address used for messages sent by WHMCS Domain - The domain of your main website, eg.

Logo URL - Enter your logo to display it in email messages, leave blank for none Pay To Text - This text is displayed on the invoice as the Pay To details WHMCS System URL - URL of the WHMCS installation, eg.

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