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Who is guy pearce dating

Dutch actress Carice Anouk van Houten is the household face if you people are the die-hard fan of Game of Thrones.

She has maintained her role as Melisandre (The Red Woman) in the popular drama series. Similarly, the diva is also living a very happy love life with actor-boyfriend Guy Pearce.

And the good news is the Carice gave birth to her first child from the very relationship!!!

Since he had all the good and bad moments with his ex-wife Kate Mestitz, he thought that being a father may affect his life to a great extent.

He addressed The Guardian in the year 2007, He lived his conjugal life with Kate for 15 years and finally decided to take a break in January 2015.

However, he has got a great change in his mentality as he is in love with Carice.

Guy Pearce and his wife of 18 years, Kate Mestitz, have called it quits. “No one knows me like Kate does, and we’ll forever be appreciative of our mutual respect.

“Rumors r true I’m afraid — Kate and I parted ways back in Jan,” Pearce tweeted. We’ll love each other 4 ever xx.” Rumours r true I'm afraid – Kate and I parted ways back in Jan. We'll love each other 4 ever xx — Guy Pearce (@The Guy Pearce) October 12, 2015actor released a statement on Tuesday, Oct. “Kate and I will always love and support one another and be the best of friends,” he said.

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With classic, square-jawed good looks, Australian actor Guy Pearce brings to mind the leading men of Hollywood's Golden Age; however, the actor is a thoroughly modern one, using his talents to play characters ranging from flamboyant drag queens to straight-arrow Los Angeles policemen.

Pearce was born October 5, 1967, in Cambridgeshire, England.

His father, who was a member of the Royal Air Force, moved his family to Australia when Pearce was three.

Following the elder Pearce's tragic death in a plane crash, Pearce's mother decided to keep her family in Australia when young Pearce was eight, and it was there that he grew up.

Interested in acting from a young age, he wrote to various members of the Australian television industry requesting a screen test when he was 17. her side of the bed, I would know that it was cold, but I can't. but I don't want to wake up in the morning, thinking she's still here.

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