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Who is mos def dating

The rapper - whose real name is Yasiin Bey - was arrested in January after trying to leave South Africa on a 'World Passport', which South Africa does not recognise as a legal travel document (pictured in 2009 in Hollywood)Many countries do not accept the passport either as a travel document or a formal identity but WSA claims countries such as Togo, Mauritania, Ecuador, Zambia, Tanzania have accepted the 30-page document in the past.

"Mom over shoulder", a warning in chatrooms or IMs 5. A short form for mos def, which is a short form for "most definitely".

" B: "Ok, I was just about to leave when I met this really handsome MOS.

Including Metal-Oxide Semiconductor, Made of Steel, Marine Observation Satellite, Medical Outcomes Study, Member of Service, Mode Of Shipment etc. recently 2 London grrlz on aim: A: "So tell me what happened after the party at Mo S last night!

can also be an abbreviation of a shitload of other terms that are mos def not used in slang.

We had a good mos in the club and then he asked me if I wanted to come to his place, I said 'mos! " B: "Yeah, when we got there, we started to have some real good MOS..." A: "Wait, MOS!

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