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Love triangles that involve step siblings living together, initially not on the right foot, but developments slowly bring them closer together, while outsiders attempt to break them apart.

Both romantic comedies involving guys who are very close to the main girl.Love triangle and misunderstandings appears throughout both series as the main girl(s) tries to maintain their friendship/relationships.They are both stories about not blood-related siblings that love each other.They are both really cute, but Crossroad has a different view, more adult (actually I liked it better).If you liked one, you'll enjoy the other one for sure.Both Minami and Kagetora are in love with someone they are forbidden to love.Otome and Yuki are kind of alike in their personalities.Both manga are filled with fluff and drama, love rivals and romance.Cherry Juice is about Step-Siblings, and Kagetora is about a Ninja and his master. Cherry Juice is similar to a longer version of "Suki" to Ienai.Both stories are about a brother and sister who aren't really siblings who fall in love.The brother in both mangas is in the cooking club and is popular with girls. Both deal with the development and obstacles within brother-sister relatioships.

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