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It's like I'm breaking into a million different pieces and there's only one thing I remember. On her deathbed she told him something he'd heard once before, from Oswin: "Run, you clever boy. Sometimes, I think I'm everywhere at once, running every second, just to save him. He was just about to make her a companion when she was mortally wounded. She later returned as a young barmaid and governess named Clara Oswin Oswald who the Doctor met in 1892, in "

She didn't know the first thing about hacking or time travel, had only contacted the Doctor on the recommendation of "the lady in the shop" she'd called for tech support, and initially thought the Doctor just wanted to trick her into entering his "snog box." Despite these misgivings, the Doctor convinced this Clara to become his companion, and set out to discover how "The Impossible Girl" could have lived three completely different lives...Eventually, the Doctor discovered Clara's presence in his life was much more important than he had thought.Thanks to the Great Intelligence abducting his friends and taking them to the sight of his supposed permanent death, the Doctor and Clara were forced to watch the Great Intelligence enter the Doctor's personal timestream, undoing all the good he had ever done.Clara followed afterwards, scattering herself into thousands of "echoes", all throughout the Doctor's lifespan, going all the way back to when he and who we know as "Susan Foreman" stole a TARDIS and ran away.Later, after the mystery had been solved, and after an apparent time jump in the series, Clara became a schoolteacher at Coal Hill School, eventually becoming the companion most influential on the Doctor's life.While on an adventure with the Doctor, she meets a couple of the Doctor's past selves and manages to profoundly impact the Doctor's fateful decision that ended the Time War, and eventually witnesses the Eleventh Doctor's regeneration into the Twelfth.Clara spends some time grappling with losing the Doctor she knew and fell in love with throughout the events of Recap/Doctor Who S34E7Kill The Moon "Kill the Moon", until a call from the Eleventh Doctor prior to his regeneration convinces her to stay by his side and help him adjust to his new persona.Clara and fellow teacher Danny Pink enter into a romantic relationship, and for a while, she keeps secrets between the Doctor and Danny due to their misgivings about each other, and experiences turbulence in her relationship with the Doctor, particularly in Recap/Doctor Who S34E11Dark Water "Dark Water", when he temporally abandons her to face a traumatic decision on her own.In Recap/Doctor Who S34E12Death In Heaven "Death in Heaven", Danny dies while crossing the road, and after attempting to blackmail the Doctor into changing history to avert his death, which is impossible, Clara and the Doctor decide to pursue contacting him from beyond the grave, which makes them end up discovering that Missy aka the Master has stored the consciousnesses of Earth's dead as part of a plot to convert all of the deceased into an army of Cybermen.In [[Recap/Doctor Who S34E12Death In Heaven "Death in Heaven"]], Missy reveals that she was the aforementioned woman who gave Clara the TARDIS telephone number and had also been secretly keeping the two together after their first meeting as part of her plan to make the Doctor miserable by teaming him with a Control Freak; this had backfired, however due to the Eleventh Doctor developing feelings for Clara that were retained by the Twelfth Doctor (who confessed in "Deep Breath" to having thought of himself as her boyfriend, and later showing open jealousy towards Danny).After Danny is brought back as a Cyberman, he resists his programming in order to destroy Missy's Cyberman army and avert her plans, and sacrificed an opportunity he had to return from the dead to save the life of a child he killed in the war.


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