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Theft is a broad criminal charge in Texas that includes a range of offenses from shoplifting and larceny to bouncing checks to buying stolen property.

The punishments generally depend on the value of the stolen item and can be as little as a fine or as serious as prison time in extreme cases.

And, if you take something, then return it for a reward, that is also theft under Texas law.

that you acted with criminal intent, meaning you knew the property belonged to someone else and knew you didn’t have their permission to take it, and that you actually have or had possession of the property.

They can do by that using physical evidence, such as security camera video in a shoplifting case, or by statements from a witness, an accomplice, or you. This includes taking, say, a shirt and leaving with it, or switching the tag on an expensive shirt with the tag on a less expensive one and paying the lower price at checkout.2.

Bad Checks – Paying for an item on a closed account or an account that does not enough money to cover the amount of the check. Examples of this include taking a woman’s purse from her shopping cart when her back is turned, stealing copper from a construction site, or stealing $20 from the cash register at work.4.

Buying/Accepting Stolen Property – Taking possession of an item If you know a friend shoplifted an item from a store, then passed the item on to you, you have committed theft known as receiving stolen property by taking it, whether you paid for it or it was a gift.

Other common theft charges include embezzlement, and theft of services, which is the stealing of something that isn’t a physical item.This charge also may be related to fraud or bad checks.The punishment for the criminal charge of theft in Texas is relative to the value of the item stolen.Obviously, And if it is more than one item, all the values are added together for the purposes of punishment.For example, you may be charged with shoplifting five DVDs. But added together, the total of the theft is 0, and that raises the seriousness of the punishment.For example, Class B and C misdemeanor theft charges increase one level if you have a previous theft conviction, and a Class A misdemeanor becomes a state jail felony if you have two previous theft convictions.Also, the theft of some items such as or metals such as copper or aluminum are felonies, no matter the actual value of the items.Shoplifting charges also automatically become more serious if you are caught using tools to defeat theft prevention devices, or if you are charged with , meaning you were working with others to steal items for profit.However, in all likelihood, if you are charged with simple theft by shoplifting and are convicted or enter a plea, you probably will receive only community service and fines, as long as the value is low and it’s a first or second offense.However, you are still stuck with a which may never go away.The fact of a permanent, public criminal record is the reason why most people hire a shoplifting defense attorney to fight the charges.

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